Emslies Livestock

Sire: Highlander

Dam:Ballymoney Noisette

In September 2005 we bought the Ballymoney herd from Angus McDonnell, Wicklow. These included some real gems, most of which go back to a French female line Amoniac.

Amoniac is the great grand dam of Ballymoney Noisette (sired by Geant) who bred Ballymoney Veronica who needs no introduction. She is a well framed, muscular female with great female characteristics and has been shown successfully for us, notching up wins as a two year old heifer at the Royal Highland Show where she stood reserve female champion and interbreed junior at the Royal Show. She was also shown locally in 2006 taking five interbreed championships.

2009 saw us have one of our greatest moments with her as she took the Limousin championship and then went on to take the interbreed championship at the Royal Welsh Show. She also teamed up with Greenhill Viper to take the interbreed pairs and also joined the winning group of five team.

Shown at foot with her was a heifer calf with a real future ahead of her. Emslies Eryl is by Saphir and is turning into a growthy female with great frame and power. Another of Veronica’s highlights is an ET heifer Emslies Duchess, by Salomon who is greatly admired by many.


Ballymoney Veronica

Emslies Duchess

Daughter Emslies Duchess (by Salomon) with her Emslies Colossus sired heifer calf Emslies Giggles

Emslies Duchess

Half sister - Emslies Baileys out of Ballymoney Noisette

Ballymoney Noisette

Dam - Ballymoney Noisette

Emslies Eryl

Daughter - Emslies Eryl


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S: Manoir

D: Wilodge Lolly

Wilodge Ritzy was the foundation female for the Emslies herd. Bought in June 2003 from Christine Williams’ production sale in Carlisle for 20,000gns, she was first admired on a herd visit to Wilodge for her great femininity and presence as well as an admiration for the Lolly family line.

She was shown by Christine once where she stood exhibitor bred and supreme champion at the Royal Show in 2002. She has bred well for the herd with three daughters currently retained in the herd. She was also the first Limousin female to have eggs exported to Australia

Wilodge Ritzy

Wildoge Ritzy


Grandaughter - Emslies Fuzzy by Emslies Collossus

Wilodge Ritzy

Wildoge Ritzy Royal Show 2002


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S: Ronick Idol

D: Ronick Ivy

Penny was bought as a four year old in August 2003 at the Smithston dispersal sale for 4800gns. Bought for her sheer size, power and scale, Penny is by Ronick Idol out of Ronick Ivy and goes back to Rieve, one of the foundation cows at Ronick. She has bred well, including Emslies Versailles who is by Nenuphur. She bred a stunning heifer last year Emslies Dancing Queen who is greatly admired by many who visit the farm.

Penny has also bred Emslies Cosmopolitan sired by Oxygene who featured in the 2009 show team and picked up 1sts at the Royal Highland and Royal Show

Daughter - Emslies Versailles

Daughter - Emslies Cosmopolitan

Emslies Dancing Queen

Grand-daughter - Emslies Dancing Queen out of Emslies Versailles


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S: Pennys Nimrod

D: Pennys Oriana

Born November 2002, Tess was bought at the White Rose Group sale in March 2004 for 5000gns. She is a great female oozing maternal characteristics and is currently ranked No. 2 in the UK. She was unbeaten in the show ring during 2004 and 2005 and took firsts at the Royal Highland Show and the Royal Welsh.

She is one of the most prolific breeders of the herd with her ET bred offspring doing very well indeed for us, including Emslies Celt who was sold in May 2009 in Carlisle for 10,500gns to J Thomson, Kelty, Fife.

Retained in the herd today are Emslies Aur and Emslies Aphrodite, two Greensons Gigolo daughters. Aphrodite has bred a bull calf Emslies Dotcom by Saphir.


Pennys Tess

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Daughter - Emslies Aphrodite and calf Emslies Dotcom

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Daughter - Emslies Bootilicious by Tanhill Rumpus

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Daughter - Emslies Elle by Wilodge Tonka

Emslies Aur

Daughter - Emslies Aur

Emslies Celt

Son - Emslies Celt sold for 10,500 gns Carlisle May 2009

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Daughter - Emslies Elin by Oxygene

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Grandaughter - Emslies Erylevans by Procters Cavalier


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sweetheart titler

S: Cockleshell Olympus

D: Heahtlands Sasha

Sweetheart was bought in October 2003 at the Heathlands major reduction sale for 5500gns and is a granddaughter of Greensons Gigolo. She has tremendous power and frame and figures to match with a beef value of +40. She was shown twice taking second at the Royal Highland Show and 1st at the Royal Welsh show, both in 2004 with a her heifer calf Valentine (by Dyfri Pascal) at foot. 

Sweetheart has had a great influence on the herd with many females retained. She bred Emslies Audi who sold to Rees Bros, Dyfed, for 5500gns. We have two young females by Ronick Gains retained, Angel and Accessory, as well as one of our favourites Allheart, who is by Sympa and last year bred us Dashing, a powerful bull calf by Saphir.

7339 Sweetheart with Argos calf

Heathlands Sweetheart and Argos new born heifer calf

7335 Angel

Daughter - Emslies Angel


Daughter - Emslies Erotic by Hartsideanew Argos


Son - Emslies Flyhalf by Procters Cavalier

2011 Allheart

Daughter - Emslies Allheart

7283 E dashing(2)

Grandson - Emslies Dashing (out of Allheart)


Son - Emslies Flanker by Procters Cavalier


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S: Bailea Olympia

D: Ronick Pelma

Telma was bought at the Ronick production sale in November 2004 for 20,000gns. We had admired her on a farm visit and picked her out as one to watch. She was shown and stood 1st at the Royal Welsh in 2005 as well as taking the interbreed championships at Turriff Show and Banchory.

Telma is a powerful natural fleshing female who has bred incredibly well for the herd. Her first heifer calf Emslies Alison, by Sympa, has been retained and like her mother is an incredibly powerful cow with great frame. She has bred a heifer calf this year Dipididoodah who we think a lot of.

Telma has also bred us Emslies Babydoll, who was sold privately to David Kenwell of Kendrom Limousins and Emslies Delma, a Vivaldi daughter, who was shown this year and stood 1st at the Royal Highland Show.

Ronick Telma

Ronick Telma

7270 emslies alison

Daughter - Emslies Alison

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Daughter - Emslies Eliza by Ulm

7407 Delma

Daughter - Emslies Delma

7276 Alison and Dippidoodah

Daughter - Emslies Alison and calf Emslies Dipididoodah by Saphir

Emslies Aphrodite and Dotcom

Grandaughter - Emslies Eyecandy by Procters Cavalier


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